Saron Fuel Center Hindustan Petroleum
Engine Oils Suppliers & Exporters
Saron Fuel Center is equipped with latest technology with respect to dispencing of fuel assuring 100% pure fuel and other gadgets for payment etc. This ensures transfer of life style to the cross section of the village population comprising factory/farm labour, school/college going children and white collar employees and also facilitate people on the move.This also quarantees improvement in communication , better infrastructure and other facilities. In turn local people will venture to commute to nearby towns.
Saron Fuel Center caters to products of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. It comes under the administrative domain HP Regional Office Madurai and the supplies are received from Tirunelveli Depot. Saron Fuel Center is located on NH 45B on the Madurai-Tuticorin highway within 25 KM distance close to the port city of Tuticorin. It is spread over a well paved surface area of 100 M x 100 M. The layout of storage tanks and dispensing units is well planned. It allows free passage of vehicles including trailers/containers/heavy trucks and has provision for expansion of facilities. Saron Fuel Center has its own fuel transport tanker.
The storage capacity includes three HSD tanks of 45 KL and 9KL and two tanks of 9 KL each for MS. There are 8 dispensing units of HSD and 2 units for MS. There is provision for addition of two more units in future. All kinds of Lubricants of HP are also served from this Fuel Center.
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