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Petroleum in NH-45b
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Hindustan Petroleum is known by the quality of the fuel, lube oils it refines and supplies and as their retailer purity is the watch word for Saron Fuel Center. The density of the fuel as measured at the terminal and entered in HP’s invoice is verified at 15 deg C on arrival at the bulk. To prevent any foreign particle gaining entry, fuel storage tanks are placed below floor level and tight lids are provided. Internal as well as external surface of dispensing pump hoses are kept thoroughly clean and tidy. Micro strainers provided in the circuit ensure straining off any impurities prior to fuel entering the dispensing pump.
Considering that the fuel center is located right in the heart of a national highway and keeping the interests of such travelling clientele in mind, Saron Fuel Centre have arranged the following facilities.
  Cards Facilities Petrol Pumps    
This ATM facility is serviced by the courtesy of Indian Overseas Bank – one of the top nationalized banks which enjoys a strong presence in the region. The ATM accepts credit/debit cards of all banks including Visa, Infinite, Cashtree cards. Security is provided round the clock.
  Transactions retail outlet    
  Tuticorin Port    
  Saron Fuel Centre accepts payment by means of Swipe cards from Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), ICICI Bank etc.
  Fuel centre with retail shops    
For the benefit of visitors, Saron Fuel Centre houses a Retail Shop which sells aerated beverages, mineral water, chocolates, biscuits, sweets/savories of reputed brands besides face/mouth fresheners, toiletries/cosmetics etc. The photo alongside depicts the arrangement, proposed to be installed.
  Dhaba/Hotels in NH 45b    
There is a hotel/cafeteria facility run by a private agency serving a variety of tasty vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The menu is planned to include dishes to be selected by the customer as per his preference. The photo alongside depicts the arrangement, proposed to be installed.
  NH fuel centre with parking space    
  Emergency Services in National Highways    
  Within the boundary of Saron Fuel Center, Rest room facility is provided for the benefit of drivers who want to relax before or after undertaking a long drive. The rest room also provides entertainment by way of music from radio.
  First Aid facilities are available for emergencies
  There are parking slots with abundant turnaround space for vehicles of any size - trucks/loaders/cars/autorickshaws, motor bikes/scooters, etc.
Arrangements are under way for providing communication facilities thru PCO, STD booth, Cyber Café etc. The photo alongside depicts the arrangement, proposed to be installed.
  Toilets and Bath Rooms    
  The photo alongside depicts the arrangement, proposed to be installed.
  Coffee & Tea    
  Free Hot & Cool Water    
  Pure and fresh water for engine is provided at no cost. Hot as well as water from Cooler for drinking is also available free.
  Free Passage Heavy Vehicles    
  24-Hour free service for filling of air to tyres is available.
Visitors’ Book
A register is maintained for customers to enter their name & address along with their Suggestions / Comments, if any, about the quality of service, facilities etc.
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